8 Benefits of Breastfeeding that are NOT Health Related

8 Benefits of Breastfeeding that are NOT Health Related

All you hear about breastfeeding is one of these three things:

  1. How healthy it is
  2. How hard it is
  3. If you should or shouldn’t nurse in public. OH EM GEE, A NIPPLE!


You know what? I am tired of it. I knew I would breastfeed my first just because of health reasons. What I wish I was told were the other benefits of breastfeeding that make it awesome.

I know what you’re thinking..

What? Breastfeeding is awesome? But it’s so hard!! And it is sometimes. Like anything worth doing there are hard times. But I have found that the benefits FAR outweigh the cons.

When you google “pros about breastfeeding’ you get scientific evidence that breast is best. Your child will be smarter! Healthier! Cancer free!  You can hardly find ANY other reason to breastfeed other than health. With my second it was a no brainer I would be breastfeeding, for her health, but also because of the reasons listed below. Let’s celebrate all the positives of breastfeeding!

  1. You are always prepared


No packages of formula. No measuring scoops. No warming up a bottle. No bringing water. Just you and your boobs and your baby is happy. This is by far my favorite. Not to mention nighttime feedings. Um.. I hardly open my eyes when I nurse at night, preparing a bottle? I think not.


  1. You can play on your smartphone


Bottle feeding a baby requires two hands and plenty of concentration for the first few months, at least! Some babies do not end up holding their own bottle until 9 months or so. That is a lot of feeding time using two hands. Breastfeeding? No hands required. I am actually writing this using two hands on my iPhone while I nurse my baby to bed. Breastfeeding has been a great way to play on my phone without a feeling of guilt that I’m not paying full attention to my two year old or doing something around the house.


  1. You get to buy a whole new wardrobe


With both of my pregnancies I gained over 60 pounds. Not the ideal. I am cheap and hate spending money on clothes especially clothes that are in a few sizes bigger than I like to pretend I am. Nursing gives you an excellent excuse to buy nursing accessible clothes that are a ‘looser fit’ so they slide up easily. Also, you can easily justify buying 7-10 nursing bras because they get messy so easily.


  1. You have the best excuse to not wear a bra.


Speaking of nursing bras.. NO ONE can judge you if you don’t wear a bra. My sister-in-law never wore a bra while nursing and she pulled it off brilliantly.  I remember babysitting for her one night and she goes, “You know what? I think i’ll put on a bra!” How else can you pull off going braless without the excuse of breastfeeding? Honestly…who doesn’t love to go braless?


  1. You can always hold your baby


There is nothing like saying, “I think she wants to nurse” that makes a nosy family member or stranger hand over a baby. People respect the breastfeeding process. And if they don’t they are grossed out enough to hand the baby over. Even if they don’t have to nurse it’s a great excuse to always be holding your baby and breathing in those baby smells while preventing them from diseases.


  1. You can get out of anything


This is similar to the last reason but I felt it needed more recognition. Because you can seriously GET OUT OF ANYTHING! Boring PTA meeting? You have to nurse. Gathering at a friend’s house making you crazy? “Oh sorry she doesn’t like to nurse in public, I’ll just go into a quiet room” (where you can play games on your phone because you have two hands!) Older kids bothering you? “Sorry, Hun, you know the baby wants to nurse in private.. Do you mind watching _____?”


  1. Your boobs are huge


-ly amazing. I know this isn’t a pro for everyone but for me it is the first time in my life my boobs actually create cleavage. Beautiful wonderful cleavage. No wonder people show it off, it’s incredible. I was part of the itty bitty titty committee. Now, they are beautiful! I know it will end one day… But not today!


  1. You can continue to eat like you did in pregnancy


When you breastfeed, your body naturally burns more calories and tightens your uterus. Which to me translates to more food. This means you can still eat some extra calories and be just fine. Breastfeed cravings are real and indulging in them is totally justifiable. Enjoy those chocolate bars! You’re a nursing woman!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Torri says:

    Well done! 😊


    1. Thanks so much torri! I will have a new post next week!


  2. Valerie says:

    I love it! You’re so right on these additional benefits. 😀


    1. Thanks Valerie!! My
      Favorite is number 7 😂😍.


  3. happywawa15 says:

    This is excellent! Also provides immediate entertainment to a toddler who would otherwise be running into doors / fighting with another child / playing with the lamp when all you want to do is have a quiet cup of coffee.

    Liked by 1 person

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