The Top 4 Best and Worst Places to Breastfeed (Nurse) in Public

The Top 4 Best and Worst Places to Breastfeed (Nurse) in Public


       A while ago a woman squirted another woman with their breastmilk. See the article here, Apparently, the woman who complained to her was bothered that her husband was getting distracted by her milking breasts and she decided it was the woman’s fault not her husband’s fault. How incredible that the woman thought it was perfectly acceptable for her husband to blatantly stare at a woman feeding her child but thought the woman was being indecent by FEEDING HER BABY. As I was reading the article all I could think was “You go girl!”

      As much as we all want to tell people to back off when we see judgment while breastfeeding in public it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, I can’t help myself from worrying about what other people think and trying to make sure I’m completely covered as to not ‘offend’ anyone. I hear the negative comments in the back of my head and often find myself looking for a more comfortable place to nurse.

Throughout my breastfeeding journey I have found there are some great places to nurse in public and some.. not so nice.


  1. The Library

I love libraries. I love the smell of books and the sense of community. Libraries often offer storytime or lap time for kiddos as well as many other community gatherings. Libraries, besides the fact they still have books made with actual paper, are very progressive places. Every time I’ve nursed at a library I have only seen smiles. People are proud of you for nursing and will try to make you more comfortable.

  1. The park in the morning

The park in the morning is often filled with other mothers with small children or nanny’s. Hardly anyone notices that you’re nursing at all because everyone is so focused on watching their own kids or finishing their coffee to stay awake.


  1. Cafes

Fortunately, breastfeeding in public is becoming more ‘hip’. Bloggers, freelancers, and other similar occupations that spend their time at cafes are all about being accepting. This includes being accepting of you breastfeeding. Cover or no cover I doubt you will be judged negatively in a cafe. Cafes have a nice relaxed environment that doesn’t make you feel rushed.

Can I have the boobies for lunch?
  1. Women and Children Attractions

To date, the best experience I have had nursing in a public place was at Storyland in New Hampshire. They have their own little breastfeeding bistros that are AIR CONDITIONED. There are rocking chairs, changing tables, and the walls are painted a calming blue to make the experience great for you. Many public attractions like a craft fair, or show has specific tents meant for the nursing mother. Just like Storyland, you feel welcomed, comforted and relaxed.

At Storyland


  1. Park in the Afternoon

Unfortunately, some high school and middle school students have heard negative things about breastfeeding from their home or other places. Parks get flooded with teenagers after school hours and they aren’t afraid to voice their opinion. Not only will they say something loudly about you nursing if they are against it, they will also say something loudly if they’re for it. In all scenarios your baby unlatches and it becomes very inconvenient.

  1. Sporting Events

Sporting events are hard for a few reasons:

  • Volume: Sporting Events are LOUD with sudden, random noises. Not ideal for the nursing baby.
  • People are Riled Up (or Intoxicated):  They are screaming with gusto for their favorite team, yelling at refs, and often drinking a few. Their filter has gone and they aren’t afraid to say how they feel. About you and your baby.  Which is clearly none of their business, but they still do.
  • Crowded: People from all backgrounds come together for sporting events. Especially local youth sporting events. This means theres more of a chance for someone t0 talk to you about nursing. 
  1. Walmart

Similar to sporting events, everybody and anyone goes to Walmart. While I love Walmart for their awesome grocery carts and huge variety of products, breastfeeding there is basically putting a target on your back (or boobs) for comments.

  1. Breakfast Diners

Breakfast diners are loud, crowded, and fast paced. You and your baby can’t help but feel rushed while breastfeeding. Your table is super close to another table so if you happen to be next to someone who isn’t in full support of breastfeeding your either attacked by stares or comments.

Please share your experiences! Where has been the best and worse placed for you to nurse in public?

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    Such adorable kids 😍 great post, thanks for sharing 😁


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