The 9 Phases of Weaning your Breastfed Baby through GIFs

Weaning is a process. I discovered that the best way to describe weaning would be through GIFs. Enjoy!

Phase 1: Determination


Whenever you decide to wean rather it be 8 weeks or 3 years you have to be mentally prepared. Even if your baby leads the weaning you need to be ready to stop breastfeeding. A part of you wants your body back, the other part is terrified. 

Phase 2: Distraction


You try your best to distract your child with anything else rather than your boobs when they are asking. Sippy cups, their older sibling, food, toys, ANYTHING to get their mind off of nursing.

Phase 3: Retreat


Like Snow White in this GIF, you panic and don’t know how to calm baby without breastfeeding. You decide baby clearly is not ready to wean so you will continue nursing, but NOT FOR LONG. (yeah, right)

Phase 4: Utter Exhaustion


You are feeding your baby more than ever now that he or she knows you are trying to stop. They wake up plenty throughout the night and no part of you can imagine putting baby back to sleep without the boob.

Phase 5: Cold Turkey


You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. Time to leave the baby with daddy for a night or two. Enjoy yourself and try not to worry about the kids.

Phase 6: Night Desperation


Hooray! You’ve weaned baby from the breast during the day. Weaning at night sounds great until you choose sleep. EVERY TIME. Who can blame you? You have a life you need to sleep at night. These are by far the hardest feedings to drop. Reverse Cycling is real.

Phase 7: Dried Up

You’re baby is almost completely weaned and then you dry up. Sometimes your baby remembers and looks at you much like Tina Fey does in this gif.

Phase 8: Depression

How is my baby so old already? They just came from the hospital yesterday! Doesn’t he or she need to nurse? I miss it! What have I DONE?!?!?! I want my nursling back!

Phase 9: Freedom

You made it. You are a superstar who breastfed their baby. Now go to Target by yourself for a few hours ;-).


What was your weaning experience like? How old were you when you chose to do it?

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