The Real Breastfeeding Essentials for a Newborn

Much like you need diaper changing stations all over the house, you also need breastfeeding stations all over the house. Those first few months of breastfeeding you are glued to the couch. Getting stuck on the couch while breastfeeding without your essentials next to you can be devastating. But seriously, I have actually been brought to tears once (or twice) that I didn’t have any water next to me after my daughter finally latched and was about to fall asleep. All of a sudden it feels like you are in a desert with no water in sight. Besides being parched you also get STARVING. Sometimes my stomach has growled so loudly that it has literally woken my baby up and screaming ensued. Your phone is about to die? Good luck, mama. This list will get your prepared.

Babies like to stay latched for long periods of times especially in the early months. Remember, breastfeeding isn’t always for food. It can be for comfort as well. So, when preparing for your new baby make sure you get your essentials ready for the key resting areas of your house. I don’t have a huge house so where I keep my essentials is next to my bed, and in the living room next to my precious recliner. This brings me to my first breastfeeding essential..

1. A comfy chair. Or glider. Or recliner. Or rocking chair. Having a chair that has good arm support as well as gliding or rocking capabilities is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING to breastfeeding. I seriously don’t think my youngest daughter would have made it to breastfeeding this long if it wasn’t for our recliner. This Rocker Recliner is the one we have.

Daddy using my Rocker Recliner

2. Nursing Pillow  After you have your recliner you need a Boppy Nursing Pillow  After you have a baby your body is sore, arms, belly, everything. The Boppy pillow is a lifesaver because it holds the baby up for you. You can practically nurse hands free. I have a pillow for both of my breastfeeding stations. It also works great as a way to position your baby when they are a newborn and are tired of just lying flat on their back. If your baby hates tummy time it creates a more pleasant tummy time experience.

Using her Boppy. Told you my babies have huge heads in VBAC or RCS?

3. Water Container BPA Free Water Bottle is my go to. You should get a few of these and make sure they are filled at all times. Its amazing how much water you intake those first few months of nursing. Your milk needs a lot of water as well as the normal 8 glasses you should have a day. For my first I didn’t use a water bottle and every night I would take up two full glasses and make my husband take up two full glasses as well. Sometimes I still needed more.

4. Granola Bars and other snacks. KIND Bars are my go to. They taste like a candy bar but aren’t nearly as bad for you. You can pronounce everything on their label! Trail mix or any other filling, salty and sweet snack keeps you going too. Snacks are crucial to your breastfeeding stations to keep you energized.


5. Burp Cloths There’s nothing quite like breastfeeding when your other side letdowns as well and you are spraying across the room. This is where burp cloths come in handy. In the beginning of your breastfeeding journey it is likely that you will be leaking or spraying everywhere. I would take a Prefold Cloth Diapers and shove it in my bra while nursing. They absorb more than nursing pads and this way you don’t use up a set of precious nursing pads.

6. Nursing Pads .. are a godsend. Going out in public with a newborn without a nursing pad can get messy, quick. Remember on The Office when Kevin tries to make Pam leak by crying near her breasts? This is not a myth. When you hear crying you will leak. Do yourself a favor and invest in some nursing pads. You can go two directions here.  Reusable(environmentally friendly) or Disposable I liked to have a combination of both.  Reusables are the cheaper option but be warned that they will get lost in the laundry much like socks. I’m still finding random nursing pads in our bureaus. Disposables are much more convenient, stay put better and absorb more. However, they cost money and you run out of them quickly. Keep nursing pads are your breastfeeding station for when you need to swap them out.

7. A smart phone or Tablet Besides the comfy chair and water a smart phone or tabletis key. You need the distraction to get your through the pain in those first few weeks. You need it so you know you aren’t the only person in the world breastfeeding for the umpteenth time in the middle of the night. You need the smartphone or tablet to stay awake while nursing! You need a Tabletto read. The list goes on. Seriously, I don’t know how people breastfed before this type of technology.

8. Last but not least NETFLIX, or some other streaming network. You are stuck on the couch and exhausted. There is no better time to binge on Netflix. My recommendations for Netflix include Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, Nurse Jackie, Mad Men, Bloodline. Pretty soon baby will be able to tell what you’re watching. Get those shows in quick! 😉


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  1. speechbaby says:

    Nice list! So true about the water. I remember pounding bottles of water during those middle of the night feeds, especially in the first months. I was so thirsty!


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