5 Things I’ve Lost Patience For After I Became a Parent

5 Things I’ve Lost Patience For After I Became a Parent

Throughout my life my brother has often interrupted me to say “Patience is a virtue.” He was constantly reminding me of my impatience. Clearly, I have never been the most patient person except when it comes to children. However, after I became a parent my patience for certain things has completely disappeared. Things that seemed insignificant pre-children really matter post-children.

Below are my top 5 things I have lost patience for.

1. People that don’t like kids

It didn’t bother me before I had kids when people didn’t like kids. Having children has changed that drastically. Now, If you don’t like children please go away. If you don’t think it’s cute when my daughter says Hi to you, claps, or sings, please leave. People that don’t like kids make parents feel like they have to apologize for normal child behavior. No. I refuse. This is how children act and you are part of the human race and part of that human race involves little girls singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star “in the middle of Walmart. Get over it. Yes, my child is wearing mismatched clothing and their shoes are on the wrong feet. She dresses herself now. Please say something nice or say nothing at all.

That girl is me.

2. ‘Not Dishwasher Safe’

Before I had kids I hand washed my pots, wooden spoons, cutting boards, etc. The second my daughter turned one I stopped. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That when a busy toddler is running around. Highchair trays are about the only thing that I hand wash. If it can’t survive the dishwasher it will be donated or I will keep putting it into the dishwasher until it no longer works.

dishwasher broken meme.jpg

3. ‘Hand Wash Only’, ‘Turn Inside Out’, ‘Wash With Like Colors’

Nope. If you can’t be washed with any of my other clothes and thrown in my dryer I don’t want you. I’m talking to you fancy dress pants and shirt. Non-Iron shirts are the only things my husband wears and underwires regularly come out of my bras, but hey. ..At least I don’t have to spend more time on laundry. Maybe one day when I don’t have children living in the house I will iron and replace missing buttons. Not happening with two toddlers.


4. Commercials, Advertisements

Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas is beginning and I know from last year’s experience that the only way to watch it is by recording it and fast forwarding through the commercials later. Last year, we were watching Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer  when commercials for racy shows, horror movies and action movies scared my daughter into having nightmares. Who thought it would be okay to put those types of commercials during a kid’s show? Sport games are family friendly until the commercials. If we aren’t quick enough at changing the channel our kids are bound to see something inappropriate. It’s not only on tv this happens. We listen to Spotify every day and usually its nursery rhymes. You would think someone would make sure the horror movie and explicit rap music advertisements wouldn’t play between ‘Old King Cole’ and ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’.


5. Restaurants

My hubby and I love going out to eat. Before we had kids we went out to eat at least once a week and often two or three times a week. We tried hard to keep that tradition alive by bringing our daughter with us when she was a baby but quickly learned that it’s not the same. Gone are the days of leisurely ordering a drink and an appetizer before thinking of the main course. Babysitters are a great idea but hard to come by and with a boob-obsessed baby it’s not as easy to leave as it sounds. With kids,  it’s all about efficiency and speed. If our waiter or waitress doesn’t take our food order at the same time as our drink order I have a mini panic attack. Every minute of your child quietly sitting in their high chair needs to be taken full advantage of. Fast food restaurants have become a necessity, unfortunately.





Having kids changes you. It’s a fact. What have you lost patience with now that you’re a parent?

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  1. soulanceblog says:

    This sounds like a pretty accurate list! lol The commercials are the worst!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thenewagedad says:

    What a great peek into our future. Our daughter will be 5 months soon and the only thing that we have lost are precious hours of sleep. To be honest we have grown more patient but that will eventually go bust very soon.


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