Real Mom Resolutions for 2017

The month of December is crazy for everyone, especially parents of toddlers. Buying, wrapping and setting everything up for Christmas is hard when you are literally with your kids all of the time. All free time becomes consumed by Christmas so it can be magical for your little ones.

I absolutely love Christmas season but I have missed using my free time for my blog. As I was thinking about my plans for this blog in 2017 I was thinking of all of the real New Year’s Resolutions moms’ are really hoping to accomplish this year…

Resolution #1: Finish a cup of coffee without reheating it


One of the best feelings is waking up before your kids and drinking a cup of hot coffee in one sitting. Unfortunately this almost never happens. Instead, you wake up to your kids yelling ‘Potty!’. Then you are trying to fill their breakfast needs, diaper needs, and other demands while you drink your lukewarm coffee.

I want to wake up just a little bit earlier in 2017 so I can finish an entire cup of coffee in one sitting. Or maybe even somehow train my kids to sleep in longer ;-). This momma after one or two cups of coffee is a much better momma.

Resolution #2: Go to the bathroom AT LEAST once a day without interruptions


To someone who doesn’t have kids this might seem ridiculous but quality bathroom time doesn’t exist when you’re a mom. I have come to take advantage of snack time when my kids are in highchairs to run to the bathroom. But, I still have to leave the door open because I’m paranoid someone is going to choke and I won’t be able to hear it with the door closed. If you go when the kids are playing they will sense it and knock at the door until you let them in. It’s almost easier to just bring them in to begin with but then you have a toddler trying to unroll the entire toiler paper roll and grab the toilet cleaning brush. For the new year I hope to somehow distract my kids enough that I can go in peace. Please.

Resolution #3 To let go of Mom Guilt

mom guilt.gif

For you and your family the mom guilt has GOT TO GO. There’s a big difference between educating yourself on parenting and being self reflective than feeling mom guilt. Do what is best for you and don’t worry about what other mothers think if you didn’t ask their opinion. What works for one kid does NOT work for the next kid or family.

Resolution #4: To have some ‘me’ time

sound of music.gif

Moms’ everywhere need some guilt free me time. Whether it be 20 minutes a day or exercising or watching Netflix uninterrupted moms’ need to recharge. This might be the most important resolution of all. A happy, sane, relaxed and refreshed mama is my 2017 goal.

Resolution #5 To have your child become just a little more self-sufficient


She dresses herself now can you tell?

For you this could mean your child puts on their own jacket. Maybe it means they can grab their drink from the fridge by themselves. For me, one of my hopes for 2017 is that my daughters’ can find what they are looking for. Now, don’t get me wrong my oldest can find what she’s looking for if it involves her going up the stairs by herself into her room because its an adventure. But if it is in the living room and we are about to leave the house suddenly her favorite doll cannot be found. I hope and pray that in 2017 she will find what she is looking for with little to no help from me.


Can you relate? What is your honest resolution for 2017? Like and Share your mom resolutions!



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